God is holy, and His holiness cannot be polluted by sin--not even a little bit of sin.  The problem is that we all sin by doing things that break God's rules. That is why we are born separated from God.  If we go through this life unchanged, we will forever be separated from God in a literal place--the Bible describes this place as a lake of fire--called hell.  The penalty for our sin is death, not only physical death, but also spiritual death which is this separation from God.

But God loves us, and He does not want any of us to be eternally separated from Him, so He sent His Son into this world.  Jesus, who was born of a virgin, is fully God but He is also fully man.  As God, He could never sin, but as man He was able to die.  He did die on the cross, but His death wasn't a result of His sin since He never sinned.  He died to pay the penalty for our sin...for your sin.  Having accepted Jesus' sacrifice for us, God raised His Son to life on the third day after His death and His resurrection from the dead is a guarantee that all who believe in Him will live and be united with God.

Jesus can forgive our sin because He paid the penalty for that sin.  He can wash away our sin and replace it with His own righteousness.  He can, and will give us the free gift of salvation from sin's penalty.  We don't have to be separated from God for all eternity.  We don't have to go to that place called hell.  We can be saved from that place.  All we have to do is believe that Jesus is who the Bible says He is and that He did what the Bible says He did.  We have to confess Him as Savior and Lord by saying a prayer like this one:

Dear God, I am a sinner and I freely confess my sin to You now.  Please forgive my sin.  I believe that Jesus took the penalty for my sin when He died on the cross and I believe that You accepted His sacrifice when You raised Him from the dead.  I would like to receive the free gift of salvation.  I invite Jesus now into my heart and life to be my Savior and my Lord.  In His name I pray, amen.

If you chose to pray this prayer, we would appreiciate it if you would contact us and let us know.  We have some information that we would love to give to you that can help you as you begin your new life with Christ.  All the contact information is below.  Please let us know of your decision to receive salvation in Jesus Christ